Sprinkler System | Sprinkler Systems | Lawn Sprinkler | manufacturer supplier Wholesale Distributors OEM ODM-sprinklersystemsupplier.com Sprinkler System manufacturer and Sprinkler Systems supplier also Wholesale Distributors OEM ODM-over 5,059 ,Lawn Sprinkler,Lawn Sprinkler System,Garden Sprinkler System buyers around the world at sprinklersystemsupplier.com http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/ Sun, 15 Jul 2018 13:28:33 -0600 Garden Water Sprinkler <img src='productpic/ps_twnn1503022059.jpg' /><br>plastic impulse sprinkler 1/2(full circle)<br /> waters your lawn automatically the whole season<br /> durable &amp; weather resistant – made with high-quality abs plastic and a rust proof polymer, your sprayer can last a lifetime with proper care.<br /> application range - lawn irrigation, garden watering, fun for children http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/garden-water-sprinkler.html Garden Water Sprinkler http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_twnn1503022059.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/garden-water-sprinkler.html Yard Sprinklers <img src='productpic/ps_hrqm1503022067.jpg' /><br>plastic impulse sprinkler 1/2” (full or part circle)<br /> - power, pressure and maximum coverage - with 3500 sq ft coverage and 60 psi rating, these impulse sprinklers blast water farther, faster and more evenly than any run of the mill, weak oscillating sprayer.<br /> - easy to setup and adjust - tailor sprinkler to your exact lawn. save time and money only watering where needed with simple to aim, easy to rotate sprinkler heads for even, regular coverage<br /> <span id="__kindeditor_bookmark_start_0__"></span> http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/yard-sprinklers.html Yard Sprinklers http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_hrqm1503022067.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/yard-sprinklers.html Lawn Sprinklers <img src='productpic/ps_jkoy1503022076.jpg' /><br>plastic impulse sprinkler 1/2” (full or part circle)<br /> - sturdy, long lasting sprinkler - water for years with your powerful, lightweight impulse sprinkler that eliminates costly replacements.<br /> - save water, speed growth - consistent watering is key beauty of your yard - this sprinkler water evenly with just the right amount of water to thrive - not too much, not too little<br /> <span id="__kindeditor_bookmark_start_0__"></span> http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/lawn-sprinklers.html Lawn Sprinklers http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_jkoy1503022076.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/lawn-sprinklers.html Agriculture Sprinkler System <img src='productpic/ps_1juu1503022083.jpg' /><br>plastic impulse sprinkler<br /> -easy use - connect to water source and sprinkle + tips included<br /> covers medium size lawn areas from 1000 - 3000 square feet with average residential water pressure and flow.<br /> -kids love it: our lawn sprinkler system is also perfect as summertime water toy. simply get it ready and let your kids enjoy fun. even dogs are loving this in the hot weather! http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/agriculture-sprinkler-system.html Agriculture Sprinkler System http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_1juu1503022083.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/agriculture-sprinkler-system.html Garden Irrigation System <img src='productpic/ps_5tjd1503022099.jpg' /><br>plastic 2-arm sprinkler<br /> ideal for large lawn areas<br /> attach to any standard garden hose<br /> each sprinkler covers an area up to 24 ft. in diameter<br /> completely portable<br /> rain-like spray<br /> circular coverage area<br /> yellow &amp; black colour water sprinklers blend into your garden.<br /> http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/garden-irrigation-system.html Garden Irrigation System http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_5tjd1503022099.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/garden-irrigation-system.html Yard Irrigation System <img src='productpic/ps_dity1503022109.jpg' /><br>metal sprinkler-round shape<br /> - circular spray pattern up to 85 feet in diameter<br /> - metal series connection spike<br /> -perfect for all your watering needs. use for watering your lawn or flower bed, use as part of irrigation system, cool off hot surfaces or simply use as a fun water splashing activity for children or dogs.<br /> -short to long range distance control. whether you are looking a sprinkler for your medium-sized backyard lawn or a big parK-like garden this sprinkler will work for you. http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/yard-irrigation-system.html Yard Irrigation System http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_dity1503022109.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/yard-irrigation-system.html Best Sprinkler System <img src='productpic/ps_kfse1503022116.jpg' /><br>metal sprinkler-heart shape<br /> rotating spinning sprinkler<br /> lawn sprinkler covers between 4,000 to 6,000 square feet (depending on your local water pressure and other external factors).<br /> waters up to an 85 foot (26m) diameter circle<br /> long life all metal head<br /> stainless steel stem<br /> metal connection spike base<br /> for outdoor use only http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/best-sprinkler-system.html Best Sprinkler System http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_kfse1503022116.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/best-sprinkler-system.html Spray Irrigation System <img src='productpic/ps_um3c1503022125.jpg' /><br>irrigation sprinkler<br /> the budget sprinkler for watering smaller areas like flower/vegetable beds and front gardens.<br /> 1000-square foot max coverage<br /> 36-foot max diameter spray<br /> durable plastic construction<br /> spike base can be connected in a series<br /> widely used in agricultural, lawn, garden, industrial irrigation etc. http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/spray-irrigation-system.html Spray Irrigation System http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_um3c1503022125.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/spray-irrigation-system.html Hose Nozzle <img src='productpic/ps_9fqe1503022140.jpg' /><br>5 pcs twist nozzle set<br /> impact-resistant plastic head<br /> eliminates constant hassle of hose and sprinkler adjustments<br /> attaches to an outside faucet<br /> <br /> order with confidence. our customer satisfaction guarantee means exactly that. we will fix any problems quickly and answer to your need every time. we are always available to help our customers; our service record is unmatched! http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/hose-nozzle.html Hose Nozzle http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_9fqe1503022140.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/hose-nozzle.html Plastic Nozzle <img src='productpic/ps_w8r71503022146.jpg' /><br>7-pattern plastic nozzle<br /> jet, flat, shower, center, cone, soaker and mist and cater to every watering need in your garden! whether you need the high powered jet to clean the hard surface or the shower pattern to water your dog or your plants! – we’ve got you covered!<br /> adjustable metal nozzle change the water pressure on the second pistol-grip hand sprinkler from a high powered jet to a wide spray.<br /> http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/plastic-nozzle.html Plastic Nozzle http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_w8r71503022146.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/plastic-nozzle.html Plastic Spray Nozzles <img src='productpic/ps_g6t71503022153.jpg' /><br>4-pattern plastic nozzle<br /> - new design innovative hose with double layer latex core which prevents splitting or bursting. <br /> - stainless steel solid construction hose holder which cradles the spray nozzle. adjustable to accommodate water spigots of all angles. <br /> - premium quality solid brass corrosion resistant fittings. guaranteed not to leak or rust.<br /> <br /> rubber coated grips. both sprayers come in an attractive green / black color and have adjustable back triggers. the ergonomic rubber coated pistol grips and flow control setting knob allow for working long periods of time without aching hands! ideal for cleaning balcony and pathwa. http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/plastic-spray-nozzles.html Plastic Spray Nozzles http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_g6t71503022153.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/plastic-spray-nozzles.html Torch Nozzle <img src='productpic/ps_edq91503022162.jpg' /><br>7-pattern torch nozzle<br /> flow control knob. having control of the water pressure means that you can adjust the pressure for each of the 7 spray patterns. one common problem with low quality nozzles is that they significantly reduce your water pressure. these heavy duty nozzles have flow control adjustment. choose from a high pressure jet to a soft delicate shower. http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/torch-nozzle.html Torch Nozzle http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_edq91503022162.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/torch-nozzle.html Twist Nozzle <img src='productpic/ps_xzb11503022168.jpg' /><br>twist nozzle with adaptor<br /> impact resistant, rustproof polymer construction.<br /> two o-ring seals for leakproof operation.<br /> precise tip angle eliminates side spray.<br /> adjustable from fine spray to needle stream to heavy rinse. not recommended for hot water use. http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/twist-nozzle.html Twist Nozzle http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_xzb11503022168.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/twist-nozzle.html Brass Impulse Sprinkler <img src='productpic/ps_9voh1503022179.jpg' /><br>brass impulse sprinkler pt1” (full circle)<br /> ideal for large lawns<br /> covers up to an 80' diameter<br /> adjustable from partial to full circle<br /> anti-backsplash arm<br /> plastic full or part circle with deflector and diffuser pin assembly and anti-backsplash tube<br /> carded<br /> stainless steel arm spring, trip spring, trip collars, and trip pin<br /> anti-backsplash tube http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/brass-impulse-sprinkler.html Brass Impulse Sprinkler http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_9voh1503022179.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/brass-impulse-sprinkler.html Brass Impact Sprinkler <img src='productpic/ps_17mj1503022185.jpg' /><br>brass impulse sprinkler pt1/2” (full circle)<br /> area coverage 20-foot to 40-foot radius<br /> tripod conveniently adjusts from 25-inches to 48-inches in height<br /> heavy-duty brass impact head easily adjusts from 00-3600<br /> sturdy metal construction with weighted legs for added stability<br /> "goose neck" hose attachment for easy hose connection http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/brass-impact-sprinkler.html Brass Impact Sprinkler http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_17mj1503022185.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/brass-impact-sprinkler.html Metal Sprinkler Head <img src='productpic/ps_idmf1503022191.jpg' /><br>metal impulse sprinkler 1/2” (full or part circle)<br /> adjustable deflector flap adjusts spray distance from 20' to 41' radius<br /> brass, bronze, and stainless steel construction lasts longer than competitors' zinc sprinklers<br /> 1/2" male pipe thread connection<br /> spacing up to 50' apart with high gallonage output http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/metal-sprinkler-head.html Metal Sprinkler Head http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_idmf1503022191.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/metal-sprinkler-head.html Metal Impact Sprinkler <img src='productpic/ps_j4j71503022198.jpg' /><br>metal impulse sprinkler (full or part circle)<br /> heavy duty solid brass construction for durability<br /> brass and brass plated zinc<br /> anti-backsplash arm<br /> impulse arm saves water by eliminating back and side splash<br /> heavy-duty metal base<br /> baffle deflector with diffuser pin<br /> 90' dia max<br /> 1/2 male inlet http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/metal-impact-sprinkler.html Metal Impact Sprinkler http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_j4j71503022198.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/metal-impact-sprinkler.html Impulse Sprinkler Head <img src='productpic/ps_z1271503022204.jpg' /><br>metal impulse sprinkler 1/2” (full circle)<br /> gold thumb, metal, impulse sprinkler head<br /> provides up to 5,800 square feet coverage<br /> fits any 1/2" inch standard connection<br /> diffuser screw allows easy fingertip adjustment of water stream for even coverage<br /> long lasting brass, and zinc construction http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/impulse-sprinkler-head.html Impulse Sprinkler Head http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_z1271503022204.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/impulse-sprinkler-head.html Lawn Water Sprinkler <img src='productpic/ps_vk3z1503022214.jpg' /><br>impulse sprinkler<br /> professional metal pulsator sprinkler with spike base with stability arms.<br /> modular system that can be extended with more sprinklers.<br /> adjustable water spray distance.<br /> could achieve water spray from semicircle coverage to full circle coverage with angle 360 degree range.<br /> sprinkle out subtle nozzle water mist particles over the foliage evenly and accurately. http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/lawn-water-sprinkler.html Lawn Water Sprinkler http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_vk3z1503022214.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/lawn-water-sprinkler.html Plastic Impact Sprinkler <img src='productpic/ps_442j1508233566.jpg' /><br>plastic impulse sprinkler 1/2<br /> Agricultural Plastic Full Circle Irrigation Impulse&nbsp; Sprinkler<br /> 1.Available in 1/2’’ male threaded.<br /> 2, Color coded nozzles for easy size identification.<br /> 3, Nozzle bayonet connection for easy service in field conditions.<br /> 4, Nozzles with integrated stream straightening vane for long range.<br /> 5, Engineering plastic material for durability and corrosion resistant.<br /> 6, Pivot pin and springs made of stainless steel.<br /> 7, Recommended pressure 2.0-4.0 bar. http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/plastic-impact-sprinkler.html Plastic Impact Sprinkler http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_442j1508233566.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/plastic-impact-sprinkler.html Plastic Impulse Sprinkler <img src='productpic/ps_g6ew1503022238.jpg' /><br>plastic impulse sprinkler<br /> plastic impulse sprinkler with plastic “h” base<br /> -quality is key: although lightweight, this grass irrigation system is made of high quality, sturdy abs plastic. it ensures that your rotating sprinkler will stay in one location all the time and never flip over.<br /> -easy set up - comes with instruction full of useful tips ensuring quick and effective set up of the lawn sprinkler. http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/plastic-impulse-sprinkler.html Plastic Impulse Sprinkler http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_g6ew1503022238.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/plastic-impulse-sprinkler.html Garden Water Sprinkler System <img src='productpic/ps_gmg1503022268.jpg' /><br>plastic impulse sprinkler with plastic 2-way spike<br /> -simply attach to an outdoor spigot and position in any area of your lawn<br /> -sprinklers retract into ground for a clean uncluttered appearance and easy mowing<br /> -sturdy durable plastic materials assure years of reliable use and an ever-green lawn.<br /> -save water - consistent watering is key to a beautiful green yard http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/garden-water-sprinkler-system.html Garden Water Sprinkler System http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_gmg1503022268.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/garden-water-sprinkler-system.html Sprinkler Irrigation System <img src='productpic/ps_rrrt1503022276.jpg' /><br>plastic impulse sprinkler with zinc 2-way spike<br /> step metal spike allows easy placement in hard soil and resists breaking<br /> impact resistant, rust proof polymer head<br /> trip levers adjusts for full or partial coverage<br /> set up and adjust one time and the sprinkler always stays in place doesn’t need to readjust the sprinkler every time. http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/sprinkler-irrigation-system.html Sprinkler Irrigation System http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_rrrt1503022276.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/sprinkler-irrigation-system.html Water Sprinkler System <img src='productpic/ps_r74g1503022294.jpg' /><br>plastic impulse sprinkler with plastic “h” base<br /> gear driven sprinkler enclosed in plastic for quiet operation<br /> programmable rotation tabs<br /> baffle deflector<br /> 20' to 80' dia. range<br /> impact resistant polymer sled base for stability<br /> this equipment enables you to adjust the density of water and control the spray distance without wasting water. allow even and efficient irrigation.<br /> <br /> http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/water-sprinkler-system.html Water Sprinkler System http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_r74g1503022294.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/water-sprinkler-system.html Water Irrigation System <img src='productpic/ps_31x51503022543.jpg' /><br>plastic impulse sprinkler with plastic 2-way spike<br /> low angle throw resists wind<br /> feature: <br /> 1. easy to be installed and operated conveniently. <br /> 2. compatible with most hose and multiple settings. <br /> 3. you can insert the spike in the ground to fix the sprinkler. <br /> 4. fully adjustable arc waters your garden freely.<br /> 5. water-saving design http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/water-irrigation-system.html Water Irrigation System http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_31x51503022543.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/water-irrigation-system.html Brass Tap Adaptor <img src='productpic/ps_b3eq1503022363.jpg' /><br>brass tap adaptor with 1/2” or 3/4” threads<br /> this female ght connector fits 1/2" or 3/4" outer diameter thread of tap or faucet<br /> quick joint to make tap and hose connecting easily<br /> allows fast and comfortable connection - no tool required<br /> excellent addition to your lawn and garden http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/brass-tap-adaptor.html Brass Tap Adaptor http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_b3eq1503022363.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/brass-tap-adaptor.html Irrigation Hose <img src='productpic/ps_zuqb1503022375.jpg' /><br>1/2” – 3/4” brass insert adaptor<br /> brass adapter<br /> material: brass - excellent strength and ductility, corrosion resistance, low magneticnot for use in potable drinking water applications<br /> 100% solid brass construction makes it corrosion resistant.<br /> built heavier, bigger, and safer than others on the market http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/irrigation-hose.html Irrigation Hose http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_zuqb1503022375.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/irrigation-hose.html Brass Hose Fittings <img src='productpic/ps_z9841503022385.jpg' /><br>3/4” brass tool adaptor<br /> adapter for connecting hose or fittings of different types<br /> connects to a female ght threaded connection on one end and a female nptf connection on the other<br /> brass for corrosion resistance, ductility at high temperatures, and low magnetic permeability http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/brass-hose-fittings.html Brass Hose Fittings http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_z9841503022385.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/brass-hose-fittings.html Quick Connect Hose Fittings <img src='productpic/ps_evas1503022396.jpg' /><br>1/2” brass hose quick connect repair<br /> with water stop<br /> made of brass for durability and dependability<br /> features push-pull ring to connect/disconnect hose and attachments easily<br /> use with water shut off valves for on/off water flow control<br /> quick connect/push-on fitting<br /> tube by male pipe thread adapter<br /> fits poly, nylon, copper and aluminum tubing<br /> repair/replacement part http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/quick-connect-hose-fittings.html Quick Connect Hose Fittings http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_evas1503022396.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/quick-connect-hose-fittings.html Tap Adaptor <img src='productpic/ps_5jvj1503022409.jpg' /><br>3/4” tap adaptor<br /> color: black<br /> material: plastic<br /> with rust proof fitting to the standardized plastic garden hose coupling systems.<br /> one of male hose end quick connectors, easily attaches to nozzle or sprinkler for quick connection to hose<br /> ideal for irrigation and underground residential sprinkler systems http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/tap-adaptor.html Tap Adaptor http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_5jvj1503022409.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/tap-adaptor.html Water Hose Adapter <img src='productpic/ps_cmih1503022416.jpg' /><br>plastic tap adaptor with 1/2” or 3/4” threads<br /> tap connector<br /> provides quick and easy connections to faucet, hose, and hose end accessories<br /> works with 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch garden hoses, sprinklers and spray nozzles<br /> interchangeable with most polymer quick connector systems<br /> use to connect garden hose end accessories<br /> http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/water-hose-adapter.html Water Hose Adapter http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_cmih1503022416.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/water-hose-adapter.html Y Coupling <img src='productpic/ps_z21g1503022426.jpg' /><br>y snap-in coupling<br /> no glue or clamps required<br /> great for installing and relocating sprinklers in hard-to-reach areas<br /> works with most spray and rotating sprinklers with male or female inlets http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/y-coupling.html Y Coupling http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_z21g1503022426.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/y-coupling.html Hose Tap Adapter <img src='productpic/ps_wtmy1503022435.jpg' /><br>1” tap adaptor<br /> garden hose quick connect starter set is easy to install and use<br /> easily connects garden hose to nozzle or sprinkler<br /> water flow shuts off water when couplers are separated<br /> works with 1-inch garden hoses, sprinklers and spray nozzles<br /> <span id="__kindeditor_bookmark_start_0__"></span> http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/hose-tap-adapter.html Hose Tap Adapter http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_wtmy1503022435.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/hose-tap-adapter.html Plastic Shut Off Valve <img src='productpic/ps_lrea1503022444.jpg' /><br>3/4” plastic 2-way shut-off valve<br /> dual shut-off valve controls water flow<br /> large plastic handles for easy grip and turn<br /> great for installing or relocating sprinklers in hard-to-reach areas<br /> easy-on swivel connector prevents hose kinks by allowing hose to turn<br /> interchangeable with most quick connector systems<br /> http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/plastic-shut-off-valve.html Plastic Shut Off Valve http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_lrea1503022444.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/plastic-shut-off-valve.html Quick Connect Hose <img src='productpic/ps_aub11503022455.jpg' /><br>3/4” hose quick connect repair<br /> (no water stop)<br /> easily connects hose to outdoor faucet<br /> r&amp;d service and know-how experience<br /> 100% tested during production<br /> 100% tested before the shipment<br /> full set of test machinery for critical parts<br /> with slick and intact appearance.<br /> highly sealing and sliding performance.<br /> material: abs. http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/quick-connect-hose.html Quick Connect Hose http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_aub11503022455.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/quick-connect-hose.html Male Thread Connector <img src='productpic/ps_s0sx1503022467.jpg' /><br>3/4” male thread quick connector<br /> circle pattern spot sprinkler<br /> suited high or low pressure.<br /> quick connector adaptor<br /> high quality, reasonable price and excellent service<br /> if you need to purchase please provide specific specifications, links, size, and other information. we will give you the best price and best service. please choose us! http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/male-thread-connector.html Male Thread Connector http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_s0sx1503022467.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/male-thread-connector.html Hose Coupling <img src='productpic/ps_uten1503022474.jpg' /><br>1/2” – 5/8” hose coupling<br /> adjustable irrigation drippers sprinklers emitter drip system, automatic cleaning, the starting water erosion flow channel, anti-clogging performance.<br /> has a 1/4-inch barb thread connection, great for watering potted plants<br /> suitable for 1/2” – 5/8”(inner/ outer diameter) tube. able to maintain constant when long laying or pressure fluctuations, irrigation uniformity<br /> http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/hose-coupling.html Hose Coupling http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_uten1503022474.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/hose-coupling.html Butterfly Sprinkler <img src='productpic/ps_ajun1503022491.jpg' /><br>plastic butterfly sprinkler with plastic 1-way spike<br /> ideal for large lawn areas<br /> emitters spaced in 9-inch intervals<br /> slide friction collars adjust pattern from full to part circle<br /> adjustable spray distance of anywhere from 5 to 10 feet.<br /> great for garden and agricultural water irrigations http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/butterfly-sprinkler.html Butterfly Sprinkler http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_ajun1503022491.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/butterfly-sprinkler.html Garden Sprinkler Heads <img src='productpic/ps_c7b21503022558.jpg' /><br>3-arm plastic sprinkler with plastic 2-way spike<br /> area coverage - up to 20-feet diameter<br /> foot step spike for easy insertion into ground<br /> retracts to a small size for easy storage<br /> lawn coverage - adjustable spray distance - 4ft to 32ft coverage - 3 direction propeller blades, each with 4 different angle outlets for maximum water exposure, sprinkler can be adjusted to save unnecessary water waste<br /> http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/garden-sprinkler-heads.html Garden Sprinkler Heads http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_c7b21503022558.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/garden-sprinkler-heads.html Best Sprinkler Heads <img src='productpic/ps_x38i1503022567.jpg' /><br>3-arm plastic sprinkler with plastic “h” base<br /> <br /> - premium quality - three arm, durable, weather resistant abs design, rotary lawn sprinkler<br /> we are confident that you will love our garden sprinkler that we are offering no questions guarantee. just send us message if you are not fully satisfied. http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/best-sprinkler-heads.html Best Sprinkler Heads http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_x38i1503022567.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/best-sprinkler-heads.html Irrigation Sprinkler Head <img src='productpic/ps_lj8w1503022576.jpg' /><br>rotary brass 3-arm sprinkler with plastic triangular base<br /> rotary head with adjustable nozzles<br /> twirling action ensures full-circle, even coverage<br /> distance adjustable up to 24 foot diameter<br /> ideal for medium lawn areas<br /> plastic base for easy positioning<br /> flow through outlet allows connection<br /> heavy-duty metal construction for durability<br /> for outdoor use with cold water only<br /> <br /> http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/irrigation-sprinkler-head.html Irrigation Sprinkler Head http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_lj8w1503022576.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/irrigation-sprinkler-head.html Irrigation Sprinkler Heads <img src='productpic/ps_2aw31503022617.jpg' /><br>rotary brass 3-arm sprinkler 3/8” with zinc butterfly base<br /> the body is made from heavy-duty plastic.<br /> the base is metal weighted for increased stability.<br /> area coverage - up to 50' diameter with rotating 3-arm<br /> area coverage - up to 85' diameter with zinc impact<br /> large wheeled base for stability and easy movement<br /> use as a single sprinkler or connect in a series<br /> heavy-duty metal construction http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/irrigation-sprinkler-heads.html Irrigation Sprinkler Heads http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_2aw31503022617.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/irrigation-sprinkler-heads.html Rotary Sprinkler <img src='productpic/ps_vyrd1503022625.jpg' /><br>rotary brass 2-arm sprinkler<br /> it is an impact sprinkler with part and full circle capability. it provides perfect solution with the performance, technology, reliability and the feature of uniform coverage. it can operate with mid pressure (2 - 4 bar) with high efficiency. its interchangeable nozzles and adjustable jet breaker provide perfect irrigation with evenly distributed water. http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/rotary-sprinkler.html Rotary Sprinkler http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_vyrd1503022625.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/rotary-sprinkler.html Zinc Spike <img src='productpic/ps_mzil1503022647.jpg' /><br>zinc 1-way spike<br /> projects water out and down to stay off flowers and foliage<br /> adjustable spray distance from 0 to 3 feet<br /> 360° full circle watering pattern<br /> adjustable flow rate from 0 to 13 gallons-per-hour<br /> it is perfect for any agricultural, mining, dust suppression, stable or portable applications. http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/zinc-spike.html Zinc Spike http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_mzil1503022647.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/zinc-spike.html Lawn Sprinkler Heads <img src='productpic/ps_vzj1503022655.jpg' /><br>zinc step spike and brass swivel nut<br /> waters up to an 85 foot (26m) diameter circle<br /> allows unit to unit connections<br /> step metal spike allows easy placement in hard soil and resists breaking<br /> long life all metal head<br /> adjustable sprinkler<br /> brass swivel nut<br /> zinc step spike<br /> adjustable pulsating coverage<br /> heavy duty non-corrosive zinc and brass http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/lawn-sprinkler-heads.html Lawn Sprinkler Heads http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_vzj1503022655.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/lawn-sprinkler-heads.html Plastic Spike <img src='productpic/ps_8qqk1503022663.jpg' /><br>plastic 1-way spike<br /> easy-use step holds securely to ground<br /> for use with 1/2" metal or plastic heads<br /> use as a single sprinkler base or in series<br /> the unique models feature anti-rotation stabilizers for added vandal-resistance and operational durability<br /> step metal spike allows easy placement in hard soil and resists breaking http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/plastic-spike.html Plastic Spike http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_8qqk1503022663.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/plastic-spike.html Yard Sprinkler Heads <img src='productpic/ps_6noc1503022671.jpg' /><br>zinc sled base and brass swivel nut<br /> wates up to 85' diameter<br /> metal construction<br /> sturdy metal base<br /> rust-proof<br /> gentle watering for small areas<br /> rectangular spray pattern<br /> fits standard garden hose thread<br /> brass swivel nut<br /> non-corrosive zinc and brass component http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/yard-sprinkler-heads.html Yard Sprinkler Heads http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_6noc1503022671.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/yard-sprinkler-heads.html Metal Impulse Sprinkler <img src='productpic/ps_ngbo1503022680.jpg' /><br>metal impulse sprinkler with 2-wheel zinc base and plastic swivel nut<br /> rotating sprinkler for garden watering<br /> durable all metal sprinkler head<br /> adjustable spray pattern<br /> controllable angle garden plastic impulse sprinkler <br /> wide range of jet flow <br /> strict quality control, everyone had been tested before packed. http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/metal-impulse-sprinkler.html Metal Impulse Sprinkler http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/productpic/ps_ngbo1503022680.jpg http://www.sprinklersystemsupplier.com/metal-impulse-sprinkler.html